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Dear Buyer/Broker/Trader,
We know how difficult it is to be successful in a campaign against Timewasting and Fraudster Commodity Sellers, of which the internet is full. We have created our service company to fight such dangerous organisations because too many brokers, with family and children to feed, waste several months (some even years) chasing just Fake sellers and never understand the risk involved in being an accessory to a fraud.
Please, consider how many Commodities offers with price CIF ASWP basis you followed (that means: CIF to Any Safe World Ports). This selling condition is merely a ridiculous condition, as it doesn’t exist in the REAL commodity market. Please allow yourself to consider how the shipping cost can be the same if the port of destination is Australia instead Africa? Open your eyes!! The shipping service is not for free, as it’s one of the MOST important expense items for selling commodities… Wake up Broker and fight with us against such a timewaster/dreamer/fraudster! Those fake offers are issued from IMPROVISED COMPANIES selling Commodities with such fictitious conditions with the sole purpose to obtain Buyers Pre-Advice Letter of Credits (L/C) easily and faster. Why, after opening Pre-Advice L/C by the Buyer, does the Seller’s Performance Bond never arrive? Answer: Because the smart Seller already got his goal, obtaining a loan of 10-15% exploiting Buyer’s Pre-Advice L/C as a guarantee. For that matter the FBI and police agencies worldwide have people assigned to combat those Commodities millionaire frauds by constantly checking the web and thousand of email addresses.
Another example: Why do sellers over the Internet never send their past records? Why they always declare: after Buyer’s Letter of Intent (LOI) and Bank Comfort letter (BCL), all the documents will be available (but the docs never arrive ….).
Why do they ask for Transferable L/C ? Please consider this matter carefully.
We strongly advice: Never to open a Pre-Advice Transferable L/C to anyone. Never! This is the best advice we can offer you.
Furthermore: Never accept or sign contract providing Proof of Product (POP) showed only on a Bank to Bank basis. That is another INEXISTANT selling condition invented by improvised Sellers/Traders to get in advance Buyer’s L/C without showing the Proof of Product existence (because they have nothing !!). If you are lucky they will fraud people around the world with Buyer’s Pre-Advice Letters of Credit.
Remember: The POP must be issued BEFORE the Buyer’s financial instruments and never be issued from the Seller as anyone can write a POP declaration on fake letterhead (!!!). The POP must be issued from independent company, such as SGS, after they have checked and “sealed” the products in the factory.
Always ask for past Bill of Ladings (B/L), if the Seller is a fake one, it will reply: “I’m in Commodity Trading since many years, I’m very close to the Factory/Producer (or: I’m their Seller Mandate), I’ve already delivered thousand of thousand Metric Tons but, believe me, I cannot send any past records as those documents are confidential”.
The B/L is a public document  (read below the BILL OF LADING CHECKING SERVICE article). The only truth is that he has never sold 1Kg of product in his life as serious and “genuine” Seller/Trader/Brokers can send you “immediately” all the information you need, before starting negotiations (their customer list included).
Dear friend, don’t waste your time chasing such Internet unknown Commodity Sellers (self called Trading Company, Seller Mandate, Gov. Agency, Experienced Broker, etc), you are running the risk of being implicated in a millionaire fraud and losing “every time” your hard-earned commission.
All our Suppliers financial highlights and full Company information are available (confirmed by Standard & Poor’s and immediately downloadable from the web) as all our Sellers are the world’s biggest Hard & Soft Commodity players, with very large quantities in stock, as a result they have the best prices of the Market. Thinking of getting more competitive prices is just a dream or a fraud.

Many brokers asked us: “How can I be sure my inquiry will be taken into consideration from such a Big Supplier?” THERE IS NOTHING TO BE SCARED ABOUT ! If your enquiries are serious and genuine you’ll be always WELCOME by our Suppliers. They are Suppliers and theirs goals are to sell products! Many of our subscribers have already established a long-term relationship with our Suppliers and this is our goal.

We don’t need LOI, ICPO, BCL, etc. All our Suppliers accept payment with NON-Transferable L/C as they don’t need to “transfer” the credit to anyone. Product and factory visit are available “before” starting negotiation and full track records will be immediately available.
Thanks to Internet the market is more than ever full of serious Buyers “very hungry” for Commodities at the best price, but without Product it’s very hard to close deals….
If you want to learn more about Internet Frauds please click on INTERNATIONAL TRADING section and feel free to send us your inquiry – we will assist you in effectively managing your deals. In addittion we provide DRAFT LETTER allowing you to check if the Commodity Supplier you are dealing with is fake or genuine.

Dear Buyer/Broker/Trader, keep your own eyes wide open as Commodities Trading is not an email game, but the most important business in the world. For the same matter it is full of dreamers, improvised people and sharks ready to set a trap.
Enjoy your trading.
LQC Large Quantity Commodities

Our Suppliers Selling conditions are much better than you might find through Internet leads. They promise discounts if the Buyer pays with a“Transferable” L/C. We strongly suggest to never open a “transferable” pre-advice L/C to anybody, as 99% of the internet frauds are perpetrated through that instrument and 99% of those improvised trader never get the money to open the Performance Bond Guarantee.
The agreement conditions that you’ll meet with our Suppliers are different for each deal because it chiefly depends on “Who the Buyer is”.
Many times our Suppliers accept 70% with Non-Transferable DL/C against Bill of Lading, and 30% after 30-60 days or they might ask for 100% against  B/L. If the Buyer is a well established Company our Suppliers often accept payment just via MT103/TT (Telegraph Transfer), without L/C !!! (You’ll never find this condition on Internet and this confirms to you what we said above: “on Internet leads you’ll find just improvised and unknown  Sellers/Traders”).
Regarding the price/quote: Our Seller’s price are obviously the best in the market as they are the World’s Largest Commodity players, with very large quantity in stock; thinking of getting more competitive prices is just a dream or a fraud!! We would like to inform you that we cannot send directly commodities prices as we will not be involved in the deal.
We’re not traders or intermediaries, but a service company helping Buyers to purchase Large Quantity Commodities only from reputable sources avoiding timewasters, new people or fraudsters, of which internet is full.
This is an important matter, to gain a better understand please go to our section “International Trading” and click on “Fraud Cases” and you’ll discover how many warning reports have been issued from I.C.C. regarding non-existent Commodities Cargoes sold through internet leads.
The rest, Sales & Purchase agreement included, will follow the ordinary Procedure as per I.C.C. and I hope you already know it. If not, don’t worry,  click on the “International Trading” section and you’ll find all the answers you need.
If you need our assistance and suggestions during the first contact with our suppliers, we will gladly assist you. However, we don’t need to be involved in any kind of Commodities deal as we don’t know your Buyer(s). Instead, we know very well our Sellers and we guarantee (please read our agreement before to LOG-IN on our website) that they are “real & genuine”, the largest in the world, their  selected contacts details (email, tel, fax, etc.) shall be correct and all  theirs Financial Highlights are confirmed and reported by Standard & Poor’s, for this we are responsible.
When the End-Buyer will know that its Supplier is a Big Group, with Billion dollar turnover, thousands of employees, offices around the world and “weekly” track records, you’ll discover how different it is to manage a Commodities deal.
Enjoy your trading.
LQC Large Quantity Commodities
IMB’s document checking service has extensive experience with trade finance fraud of this nature and is available to review bills of lading and validate their authenticity.
IMB is a division of the International Chamber of Commerce (Trade Finance Documents Authentication)
Fake or false trade and transport documents feature in the majority of modern maritime frauds and are the greatest menace facing the international trading community.
Financial institutions, traders, insurance companies, shipping agents and other intermediaries all rely on transport documents such as Bills of Lading, Seaway Bills, Airway Bills, CMR and FCR when making decisions. A document that appears genuine can induce a bank to pay for goods or finance a trade. It can prompt an insurance company to grant cover on a ship or shipment, or indemnify a fraudulent claimant. It may lead a shipping agent to release a cargo to someone that is not entitled to it.
It is important to remember that any document can be forged. In the maritime industry, fake documents mostly copy the style of a legitimate trader and it can be difficult for a non-experienced eye to spot the difference.
With many years experience and a sound knowledge of what to look for, IMB’s Information Department has a large number of resources at its disposal that can swiftly confirm the authenticity of transport documents. IMB makes a number of independent checks with the parties named on documents and others, and these quickly indicate whether there is a cause for concern. IMB will then flag this up to its member and make further enquiries to determine exactly what is wrong and, more importantly, who is responsible.
IMB’s tried and trusted system has proved invaluable on many occasions and is one of the best ways to verify the performance of the underlying transaction.

It is important to have all documents and offers checked by CCS before entering into a deal.
IMB, FIB and CCS are divisions of the International Chamber of Commerce – the world business organization.
For more information about ICC’s commercial crime fighting services,  please visit our INTERNATIONAL TRADING section, we provide a rich collection of Fraud case, direct Links and Email addresses to get assistance by ICC’s Commercial Crime fighting Service. In addittion we provide DRAFT LETTER allowing you to check if the Commodity Supplier you are dealing with is fake or genuine.

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Clicking over CHEMICAL yellow button:
Ammonium nitrate (33.5%-34.5%), Ammonium sulphate (21%N), Anhydrous ammonia (82%N), Calcium ammonium nitrate (25-28%), Calcium nitrate 15%N, DAP Di Ammonium Phosphate, Granular Triple Super Phosphate, KCl Fine-Treated & Untreated, KCl High Quality Granular, K-Mag (Granular & Standard), K-Mag® (Natural Granular), MAP Mono Ammonium Phospate, MicroEssentials S15 13-33-0-15, MicroEssentials SZ 12-40-0-10-1, Muriate of Potash Crystal Granular, NK fertilizers, NP fertilizers, NPK fertilizers, Phosphatic Fertilizer Solution (PFS), PK fertilizers, Powdered MAP, Sulfuric Acid (incl. 93% and 98%), Urea 46%N ( granular ), Urea 46%N ( prilled ), UAN 28%N – 32%N,
Clicking over CONSTRUCTION yellow button:
Aggregates, Anhydrite binders, Asphalt, Asphalt for road surfacing and paving, Block, Bricks, Cement Portland ( OPC 42.5 R/N, 32.5 R/N, 52.5 R/N ), Cement,  Masonry, Clay bricks, Clinker, Concrete, Construction accessories, Glass fabrication, Gypsum, Gypsum plaster, Hard rock, Hydraulic binders, Insulation products, Joint compounds, Masonry, Metal studs, Mix concrete, Patio products, Pavers, Plaster blocks, Precast concrete products, Prepackaged concrete mixes, Recycled asphalt and concrete, Rooflights, Rooftiles, Sand-lime elements, Security gates and fencing, Tiles, Wallboard,
Clicking over MINERAL & METALS yellow button:
Aluminia, Aluminium, Bauxite, Carbon Steel (including Silicon Alloys), Chrome, Coal, Coke and Steam Coal, Cobalt Metal, Copper, Extrusion billet, Ferroalloys (including Ferrochrome, Ferromanganese, Silicon manganese, and Ferrosilicon), Ferrochrome, Ferrous Flat Roll, Ferrous Raw materials, Ferrous Semi finished, Gold, Iron Ore, Lead, Nickel & Cobalt Metal (including Cobalt concentrates and Ferronickel), Noble Alloys (such as Vanadium Pentoxide, Ferrovanadium, Ferromolybdenum and Molybdenum oxide), Scraps (Metal and Aluminium), Silver, Steel, Used Metals (Rails, HMS 1:2, HMS 1:2 etc), Zinc,
Clicking over OIL, GAS & POWER yellow button:
AI-80, AI-92, AI-95, Aviation Kerosene, Benzene, Biodiesel, Bitumen, Butanes, Coal, Condenser Jellies, Coolants, Crude OIL, Diesel Fuel(Ultra low sulfur), Ethane, Fuel Oil, Fuel Oil M-100, Fuel Oil M-40, Fuel Oil (Sulfur 2%), Fuel Oil (Sulfur 1%), Fuel Oil (Sulfur less than 1%), Gas, Gas Exploration, Gas Oil ( EU standard: 0.0034 Sulfur ), Gas Production, Gasolines, High-sulfure Crude Oil, Hydrocarbon Feed, Jet fuel, Lights, Liquefied Natural, Gas ( LNG ), Lubes, Lubricants, Mazut, Motor Oil ( Euro 3 & 4 requierement ), Naphtha, Oil Exploration, Oil Production, Pentanes, Petrochemicals, Petroleum, Power, Propane, Refined Product, Refining, Renewables, Tosol A-40M, Transportation ( Crude Oil & Petroleum ), Transportation ( Natural Gas ), White Petrolatum. Most required: REBCO, SLCO, BLCO, D2, Jet Fuel and Mazut

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