Inquiry Form Scrap

Surabaya-Indonesia. February 12th, 2009.

To Dearest
Worthy Customers

Herewith mentioned in regard of issuing your L/C that your (you) buyers are declare ready, willing and have capability to purchase and have sufficientcy of fund to cover the stated amount and quantity of commodity you buy, please feel free to fill it out the inquiries form down below:

Through Broker : Hary Setiawan

I. Commodity  
(Select One):
Nonferrous Metals (i.e. aluminum, copper, brass, nickel, stainless, and other nonferrous scrap)
Nodular and Foundry Pig Iron
Ferrous scrap (i.e. shredded, bundles, busheling, turnings, heavy melt, plate & structural, rail, unprepared, cast cut grades, municipal, and other ferrous scrap)
Scrap Substitutes (i.e. basic pig iron, hot briquetted iron, and direct reduced iron)

Please choose number & description above :…

I am interested in Buying a Commodity of :…      
Commodity Type:

Company Name:

Address 1:…
Address 2:…


Zip Code:…

Area + Phone Number:

Fax Number:                

E-mail Address:…
Inquiring to Export/Import to U.S.,

Yes or No:…  

III. Commodity Info
Please complete all fields and click Next:
Quantity:…                         MT
Buying or Selling :…
Offering party is acting as an agent or a principal :…
Complete description of material:…
Price and price basis target:
U.S.$ …                         MT

FOB Description,
Name for Port of Discharge or Port of Loading:…
Guaranteed minimum discharge or load rate per day:..
Max allowable basis salt water at loadport or discharge port:…
Max LOA:…
Beam Restrictions:…
If gear is necessary, capacity of gear required:… 
List loading/unloading mechanisms (i.e. magnets or grapples) needed for shore or ship use, including electrical:…
Other port restrictions not covered above:…
IV. Additional CommentsPlease provide any additional comments you may have:..
Payment Terms:…
Is a letter of credit available to
guarantee payment?
Yes or No :…
Delivery location of material:
Origin location of material:
Is material owned? or being bid? :…

Please just fill it out the mark of :… above, and send back to my email.

I’m working alone, no one and never involved with long chain Brokers cycle or somebody called them self as a ‘buyers’ or ‘sellers’, I’m working directly with the biggest scrap metals sellers and end processors from Australia, United State, Canada, Dubai and even from East Europe, it’s no doubt,  you are in the right hand!To reach them were very difficult, because they prioritize and sellected only a credible scrap metals broker to work with, that’s way please prepare all related and updated inquirie’s documents from your (you) buyer’s side.

Again, thanking you for attention and cooperation, looking forward to hear a good news from you as soon as possible.

All the best
Hary Setiawan
Co-Owner of PT. Imperium Centrebiz
Pantai Mentari W-3, Kenjeran 60121
Telp/Fax        : 62313896159
Cell Phone    : 0857.3111.0739
YM                   : hary_stw@yahoo.com

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