Import Scrap


Although still a significant scrap exporter, in recent years some parts of the United States have begun to import ferrous scrap as well as manufactured scrap substitutes (pig iron and HBI/DRI). Growing requirements of US consumers have raised scrap imports from only 1 or 2 million tons per year to 3 – 4 million tons in each of the past 7 years. Additionally, 6 – 7 million tons of manufactured scrap substitutes have been imported annually in recent years.

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  1. Dear Pak Harry,

    at present we have metal scrape from senegal and benin for HMS 1 & 2 countries and we are looking for manufacturer which have dealing in this scrape in indonesia. as we know in indonesia have big demand and end of user. so we decide to contact directly with manufacturing in here.

    so we need your assistance if you know/recomeded us for which manufacturing of metal scrape in here we can supply as we have lot of metal scrape in senegal.

    we mostly sent our cargo to dubai,indian and singapore co. we expect that we can supply some indonesia companies for our metal scrape.

    awaiting your reply
    Best Regards

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